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What is a transformational life coach?

A Transformational coach is similar to a life coach. We guide people to becoming the best version of themselves and living the life, reality and change they long for. This results in changes to ones behaviour, relationship with self and others and commitment to goals based on new values. Instead of changing how you act, however, as with life coaching clients, transformational coaching clients work on changing the way you see yourself.

What are your fees?

The complete transformation program takes 16 hours to complete. I generally like to work with clients over a four-month period. This program is discounted if you commit upfront. Otherwise I charge R650 per hour and will tailor our sessions according to your needs. Each session to be paid for in advance of consultation.

Can I book an Intake Session?

Yes you can. Please fill in the booking form for your 1hour free assessment session. There is no obligation to commit - this session will allow us to discuss your goals and challenges and determine your readiness to begin and your level of comfortability with me as your coach.

How can you benefit from seeing a transformational life coach?

Without a doubt, you will experience sustainable and long-lasting change.

It offers you a unique opportunity to put your entire life into perspective.

You will gain awareness of the impact of your unique perspective, an understanding of the special gifts you have to share with the world, and conquer fears so you can become the person you were meant to be. 

While long-lasting, sustainable change is the biggest benefit, there are many other rewarding outcomes from embarking on a transformational coaching journey such as: 

  • When you remove limits you will be able to envision what is truly possible to achieve without doubt or fear.

  • You will gain awareness about your talents, motivators, dreams, fears, belief systems, influencers and assumptions, which has shaped your choices, circumstances and experiences of the world up until this point.

  • Your mindset and outlook will shift towards an empowered perspective on your reality and ability to create.

  • You will see support as a blessing and be empowered along your journey with a supportive coach

  • You get to define what fulfillment looks like for you.

  • You get to design our own terms for success and happiness.

  • You get to create and manifest your own abundance and you choose the experience you would like to have.

What Transformation Life Coaching is Not

People often mistake life coaching for counselling or therapy. This is a term reserved for diving into the past of a client or patient to help heal them from emotional or psychological issues. A life coach is simply not qualified to offer professional advice for these types of issues.
Life coaches also do not consider themselves as mentors or consultants. This is because life coaches do not explicitly give commands in an attempt to better someone’s life. Instead, it’s about empowering clients with exercises, tools, techniques, motivation to make personal changes and find new pathways through life.

How can a life coach help me?

The Process will take you through:

  •  Understanding what is currently driving you to make choices you make

  • It will equip you with some Powerful Questions that will kickstart your perception

  • Set some goals

  • Explain how your Subconscious mind works

  • Understand why you focus on the things that you do and get equipped with tools to change focus onto what really matters 

  • What inner conflict is preventing you from feeling whole? 

  • Neutralise the top 5 Negative Emotions (such as fear, doubt, anger, hurt, anxiety, rejections, etc.)

  • Create New Empowering Positive Beliefs

  • Eliminate your Anxiety

  • Establish Self-Love/ Unconditional self love - THIS IS THE GAME CHANGER!

  • Organise your focus to:

  • Install Empowering Behaviour/Habits/Attitudes

  • Change your Self Image

  • Generate New, positive Behaviour

  • Formulate and establish your Goal(s)

  • Take actions forward

  • Live your best life

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