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Never shop on an empty stomach

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

When you aim to reduce clutter, are aware of your spending habits and buy better quality, items, shopping mindfully can get you a big step closer to your financial, health, lifestyle goals. Shopping mindfully simply means thinking twice before we make a purchase. Because then we most likely buy less and better. The benefit of this practice is long-term and when it is practiced regularly, can impact you positively in many aspects of your life.

Before your next shopping trip:

  1. Do a stock take of items you already have in the cupboard

  2. Make a list of items you need - see if there are any items that would compliment the ones you currently have and are not using

  3. Think quality not quantity - so resist the urge to buy because it is on special or items that come with a deal

  4. Buy what you need - rather than buying for what you think you may need

  5. Pay without resistance - money flows freely out and comes freely back to me

Hope this helps

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